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Avoiding Damage While Safely Moving Your Piano

A standard upright piano can weigh anywhere from 400 pounds up to 800 pounds, depending on size, materials, and so on – and player pianos can be even heavier. As you can imagine, the unwieldy shape and additional weight make a baby grand or grand piano even more difficult to move. A piano is both one of the most valuable and awkward things in your home to move; don’t court disaster by trying to shove it through doorways and into the moving truck on your own during your next relocation.

dreamstime_xxl_15364238Delicate Maneuvers

A piano is one of the most complicated things to try to move because not only is it heavy and potentially an awkward shape, the inner workings of the instrument are also extraordinarily delicate. The keys, hammers, strings, and even the wood can be damaged easily when moving a piano, which can potentially warp the sound and may or may not be repairable. Rather than risking your beautiful instrument, trust professional piano movers like the team at Primetime Movers in Memphis.

Professional Piano Movers

When you trust your instrument to professional movers, you can rest easy knowing that we have the expertise to move your piano safely. At Primetime Movers, you can trust us to move your piano from your old home to the new because we have:

  • The right equipment, including the appropriate dollies, cords, protective blankets, and ramps
  • The experience to know how to safely maneuver and move your piano
  • The physical power to safely move your piano and other heavy furniture

If you have a piano or other heavy or delicate furniture, such as a pool table or antique china cabinet, trust the professional piano movers at Primetime Movers in Memphis. We’ll make sure your delicate pieces make the move safely. Call us today to schedule!

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