professional movers in memphisDo you have a vague fuzzy memory of being ten years old and helping box up your room in preparation for The Big Move? Unless you grew up with a parent in the military, odds are good that you lived in the same place for the entirety of your childhood. Or maybe you moved once or twice, but it was just to a new house in the same city. If all you have to rely on are those vague memories of a distant childhood move, preparing to pack up and move across the city, state, or country can be a daunting thought. Here’s what you can expect when you trust a professional moving company like Primetime Movers to move your Memphis household to your new home.


One of the biggest benefits of trusting your household goods to professional moving companies rather than doing it yourself is the benefit of peace of mind. Moving, whether it’s a local move or you’re heading across the country , brings a plethora of things to worry about. When you hire professional packers and movers, we handle everything from packing the first box to delivering it safely to your new home.


As full service movers, moving companies like Memphis’ Primetime Movers will handle some or all of the following services:

  • Packing and crating – we will carefully pack, wrap, and protect all of your household goods in preparation for their time in the moving truck. We have years of packing experience, so we know how to better protect all your things.
  • Filling the truck – once everything in your house is packed, our team will pack the moving truck. Since this is our job, and we have plenty of experience, we know how to pack everything to minimize potential disasters and damage.
  • Furniture moving – don’t worry about throwing your back out because that overstuffed leather sofa is a beast. Our teams will do all the heavy lifting for you.
  • Transporting – a moving truck is a sizeable vehicle. Don’t worry about driving that huge rental moving truck that you feel unqualified to sit in, let alone drive. We’ll handle getting the truck from your old home to the new one so all you have to worry about are your own vehicles.
  • Unloading – once we arrive at your new home, we’ll handle the fight it takes to get your sofa down the stairs to your new man cave or that massive armoire up to the bedroom. Those boxes can take their toll, so we’ll unload those as well.

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Get the details here! The biggest stressors for any move are how to pack and haul all your things and how on earth you’ll manage to drive that massive moving truck plus your own vehicles. When you hire movers at a moving company, we handle all of those steps and take away as much of the stress of moving as we can. If you have an upcoming move, whether you’re staying in Memphis or moving across the country, Primetime Movers can handle the hard part for you! Call us today to schedule your move !

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