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$50 Off Weekday Moves

How flexible is your moving schedule? Do you have to pick up and move house quickly, or do you have time to run through a moving checklist and carefully map out your move? Whether you’re in the process of moving out of state for job relocation or just moving locally, a moving helper like Primetime Movers of Memphis can make the whole process go smoothly.

Professional movers don’t have to be break-the-bank expensive. Let our packing service take care of protecting your household goods so you don’t need to take extra time off work to pack. In addition, make your move eco friendly and save some money with our Box Buyback program. If you have the flexibility in your local Memphis or long distance move elsewhere in Tennessee or beyond, Primetime Movers wants to reward you. Take $50 off our moving services if you schedule Monday through Friday. Call today to plan your move with us!

25% Box Buyback

dreamstime_xxl_26622312After the moving truck has come and gone and the furniture movers have set everything up perfectly, all you’re left with is boxes. Thanks to our packing service and expert movers, you can be sure your household goods will have made it to your new home in good condition. But, now that you are done moving, what do you do with that stack of boxes? Don’t just throw them away – be eco friendly and save a bit of money with Primetime Movers’ Box Buyback offer!

Our Box Buyback program is simple: Whether you use our packing and moving service or just buy boxes for your move through us, simply bring back all the boxes that are in good condition. We’ll give you 25 percent of the price of the boxes back, as simple as that! Primetime Movers’ Box Buyback helps you save money while moving house and makes your move more eco-friendly! Call us today for more information!

Free Room With Packing Service

Protecting your treasured household goods is the hardest part of moving. Everyone has those items that are irreplaceable – whether it’s all your framed family photos and child-made art or heirloom china from your great grandmother, you want to make sure everything arrives at your new home in one piece. You’re already trusting professional movers with your furniture and driving the moving truck, so why not trust us with the packing too?

Primetime Movers offers packing & crating services to protect all of your household items during relocation, not just the precious ones. Moving furniture is easy enough, but protecting everything else requires detailed attention and careful packing – leave those details to the experts at your local moving helper, Primetime Movers. For a limited time, when you add packing service to your scheduled move, you’ll get one room packed for free! Call your #1 Memphis moving company today to schedule your moving service and start working through that moving checklist!

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We Are A Full-Service Moving Company

Preparing for a move and keeping track of all the details can be hard when you still have to balance the other calls on your time. It’s even harder if you don’t really know what you’re doing! Whether you’re moving within Memphis or trekking across the country, help from the professional movers at Primetime Movers can help keep your move smooth and seamless from door to door. Call today to schedule a consultation!

Most peoples’ biggest fear, when it comes to moving, is how to protect their breakables and heirlooms. A moving company like Memphis’ Primetime Movers is your best resource to safely pack those breakables! We have years of experience packing and crating delicate items, so us call today to get packing help before your move!

Unless your close friends are built like hockey players and willing to spare a few hours, hauling furniture on your own can be the hardest part of a move. It’s doubly complex when you have something as heavy but delicate as a piano to move. Memphis moving company Primetime Movers is here to do the heavy work for you. Call us today to schedule furniture or piano moving services!

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