Any college student or young professional with a tiny budget can probably tell you: moving is hard! Unfortunately, we’ve probably all been there at one point or another, schlepping heavy boxes and hauling couches up multiple flights of stairs. Remember how, while you were fighting with that fold out sofa, you swore you’d never move again without movers? Well, don’t let that promise go! Here are 4 reasons why you should always hire a professional moving company, whether you’re moving across the country or just across town .


    Sure, when you call to ask, at least a few of your good friends will begrudgingly agree to help you out. However, you’ll probably note that, unless you have a really helpful friend, no one is offering. And let’s face it, when you have friends move, you probably aren’t super excited to help them haul their junk either. Moving is tiring and stressful, usually for little reward—and no, pizza and beer isn’t really much in the way of payment if your friend pulls a muscle hauling boxes.


    And speaking of pulling muscles, moving yourself can pretty easily lead to lasting injuries. Yes, you could bruise your shins or stub fingers, and those aren’t really much to worry about. But you also run the risk of possibly pulling muscles or breaking bones, both of which had a multi-month healing time—and that’s if your injury is mild enough to not require surgery. Say you lose balance and the armoire you’re holding is about to tip over, so you make an awkward grasping reach. You may have saved the furniture, but a torn ligament in your shoulder will likely mean surgery, months of healing, and a year or more of physical therapy to get that range of movement back.


    Do you have a set of porcelain dolls that belonged to your great-great-grandmother? Or an antique china cabinet that’s a few hundred years old? If you happen to damage those while moving, your insurance may cover it, but they may not. You’ll want to ask your insurance company what your policy covers regarding moving—and you may be surprised by what it doesn’t cover. When you hired a professional moving company, they carry insurance coverage for every move, so even if that priceless antique breaks, you’ll be better off than only having yourself to blame.

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    If you’re doing everything yourself, you probably don’t have a great idea of how long it will take you to box everything up , load the truck, and unload everything at your new home. The truck you rented for 4 hours, thinking that was generous, may end up costing double or triple if you go over the time or mileage limits on your rental agreement. Professional movers have the equipment and skills necessary to get everything done quickly, with less risk of injury or damage.


    There are always a million and two things going on during the last days of the moving process. Not only do you have to get all your household goods to your new place, but you’ll also have to forward your mail, swap over the utilities, and so on. When you choose professional movers, they’ll do all the heavy lifting and transport so you can worry about all the other things on your list. For those who need to take a few days off work to move, this will help ensure you don’t miss too many days.

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    storage and moving services in memphisWhen it comes to moving house, the most groan-worthy part of the process is figuring out how to move your furniture. Whether you live in a fifth floor walk-up or a single family home, moving furniture and bulky items is never easy. Everyone dreads moving their furniture for good reason, after all. Not only is it heavy, but the awkward sizes can make furniture harder to get a firm grip on, which only increases the potential for injury. The best bet is to hire help for the day from your local movers , who have the equipment and experience to haul furniture safely . However, if you’re intent on moving it yourself, keep these tips in mind:


    Even those who keep up a strict gym regimen find that the combination of a piece of furniture’s weight and bulk make it more difficult to handle than straight weight lifting the same weight. So, the first step to moving furniture safely should always be reducing weight and bulk where possible. If you’re hauling a dresser, pull all the drawers out first. If you’re moving a couch or sleeper sofa, remove the cushions and/or the mattress. Taking off or tying down moveable parts will also help reduce the risk of damage in transit. After all, if you’re trying to juggle a fold out sofa, you don’t want to have to worry about the mattress frame crushing your fingers as you pivot it down a flight of stairs. And, if you have furniture from one of those big-box stores, take furniture apart rather than try to transport it in one piece to ease the strain.


    For most of us, our first instinct during moving is to drag or shove a piece of furniture as much of the distance as possible to minimize the strain from carrying it. If you choose to do this, be sure you’re using moving pads or a blanket—or, in a pinch, thick glossy magazines—to ensure you aren’t scratching the floor as you slide your furniture. Unfortunately, this only helps on flat, even surfaces, so please don’t try to drag your antique armoire down a set of stairs. Also, please note that pushing furniture across the floors may be less onerous, but that doesn’t necessarily reduce the risk of injury. Be just as careful of your back and legs as you push furniture as you would be carrying it.


    When you see professional movers hauling furniture, you’ll notice they’re probably using specially designed equipment and aids as much as possible. After all, putting a dresser on a wheeled dolly makes it much easier and safer to move than it would be to haul it manually. Often, you can rent equipment like a moving dolly or two from your local movers, so do yourself a favor and get equipped to get that extra layer of assistance so you don’t injure yourself. Or, depending on how much you’re planning to move yourself, it may be worthwhile to invest in a shoulder dolly to ease the strain of bulky furniture. However, this requires two people, so this will only work if you have help. If you’re going to manually haul everything, be sure you’re lifting from your legs, not your back, so you’ll be less likely to pull a muscle!

    If you’re just moving one or two pieces of furniture, it may make more sense to just carefully move them yourself. However, if you’re moving house entirely, save your back and a lot of hassle. Contact your Memphis long-distance and local movers at Primetime Movers to get a free quote and schedule your move!