1. Long Distance Moves: Keep Breakables Whole

    Do you still have the champagne glasses you used to toast at your wedding? What about a collection of your kids’ handmade holiday ornaments? Everyone wants to keep around items that remind them of the happiest times in their lives; that’s a natural inclination. Unfortunately, most of those pieces of memorabilia are, more often than not, unusually shaped and breakable. So, how do you pack thos…Read More

  2. Move Like The Pros: Military Moving Tips

    If you know anything at all about our nation’s military, it’s that they have moving down to an art. Many military servicemembers find out they will need to relocate several months out, but are not actually given orders to move to a specific place or a certain date until last minute. A common saying across all the different military branches is “hurry up and wait,” which pretty well exempl…Read More

  3. Insurance Coverage And Moving

    If you own a home and have a mortgage payment still, we know you have homeowner’s insurance. It’s basically guaranteed since nearly every bank requires coverage while there is still money owed on a home. Of course, once your home is all paid off, you may choose not to continue carrying insurance, but that’s not something we suggest. If you rent, we hope you carry renter’s insurance for th…Read More

  4. Moving Long Distance? Supplies You’ll Need

    If you’re preparing to move long distance, the keyword you’ll need to remember is prepare. Unless a family member or friend is moving into your current home, once you’re out of the house, there is no going back for something you forgot. Unless you’re okay with that priceless family keepsake going in the trash, you’ll need to prepare carefully before you move so you don’t forget someth…Read More

  5. What Are Full Service Movers?

    If you’re preparing to move, you’ve probably mentioned your worries or asked for advice from friends, family, and even coworkers. With the stories so often heard about moving, it can feel like you only have two options. Either you move like a college student, packing your tiny sedan to the brim and planning to live on a futon for years (or, if you’re very lucky, filling a small rental movin…Read More

  6. Local Movers: Why Local Moves Are Just As Hard As Long-Distance

    A few years ago, perhaps, you got a great job. The kind that comes with regular salary-based paychecks, benefits, and 401k matching. Now, you’ve had the chance to save up and you’ve jumped through all the hoops and spend countless hours agonizing over a decision. Buying a house is no snap decision, after all. But now, after all of that work, you are a homeowner. You’ve probably been fantas…Read More

  7. Professional Movers: What To Expect

    Do you have a vague fuzzy memory of being ten years old and helping box up your room in preparation for The Big Move? Unless you grew up with a parent in the military, odds are good that you lived in the same place for the entirety of your childhood. Or maybe you moved once or twice, but it was just to a new house in the same city. If all you have to rely on are those vague memories of a distant c…Read More

  8. Tax Deductions for Moving

    We know it’s only the end of January, but we’re sure many of you are already preparing to file taxes for 2016. Congratulations on being prepared - we’re big fans of preparedness at Primetime Movers! Starting a new job, uprooting your family, and moving either locally or long distance can all take a toll on your monthly budget. Don’t worry; we have good news. Your move may be tax deductibl…Read More

  9. Welcome to the Primetime Movers’ Blog!

    Moving is hard. You have to go through all your household goods to donate, throw away, and pack everything. You have to figure out how to pack those delicate breakables and heirlooms, how to haul your furniture down narrow stairs, and how you’re going to get everything to your new place in one trip. This is all doubly complicated if you’re moving away from Memphis entirely. At Primetime Mover…Read More